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Achieve your health goals with the right solutions from Fijian Care Givers. Our home health aide will help you reach your goals.

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Get progressive health results with the help of our home health care services at Cloverdale, California. We are a reliable provider of home care assistance.

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Classification & Rates

We offer solutions to three care classifications. We provide this specification to meet you care needs and demands. The three care classification includes:

1) 24 hr companion care
This is only available if care providers are provided with 8hrs sleep undisturbed in compliance with sleepers log specifications.

2) 24/7 care
Fees based on the classification that identifies a program or a care required for 24hrs. It is a non-sleeping care. Therefore 2/24, 3/8, and a day-in-day-out to remain in compliance with a sleepers log. We fully understand that an ailment or disorder can carry the same name but they are different in the way it is expressed by an individual. For example dementia can affect people equally but be classified differently. Medical side effects have different effects on individuals, plus effects the care demand differently. In the Fijian Care Givers in home care, care review care plans continuously and it is ongoing. clients must therefore be reminded that cost may change without notice as changes may occur without expectation

3) End of Life Care
End of life care often carries a lot of surprises this may be seen in forms of agitation, aggressiveness, and discharges. Hallucination may also be expected as one often gets disoriented before moving on.

*Fijian Care Givers do publicly announce that the initial contract signed to come in would be nullified when condition changes as well as the rates

**Clients must also understand that all discounted rates cannot be reimbursed or refunded because they are administered and ran on a discounted platform

***The Fijian Care Givers and certain and believe that we stand to be an accommodating agency

Our mission is to maintain a face that smiles in health in all conditions! 

Learn About Fijian Care Givers

Fijian Care Givers is the leading nonclinical home care provider in Cloverdale, California. Our compassionate and highly-trained care givers are sure to help you recover quickly and comfortably. Our services are offered to the elderly, individuals recovering from an illness or injury, or family members coping with a new diagnosis.

Backed by more than 30 years of experience, we provide the best service at reasonable rates. We take pride in offering comprehensive care for you and your loved ones in the comfort of your own homes. In addition, we provide medical health reports which you can check online.

Fijian Care Givers is very much involved in supporting democracy and the freedom of the Fijian people. We have sponsored and will continue to sponsor parliament chiefs and members of Fiji to the Ingenious Permanent Committee of the United Nations and other important institutions, including the International Labor Organization™ (INO) and Inter-Parliamentary Union for Democracy and Freedom of the Fijian People. Our care is not limited to the sick. It is for everyone, especially Fijian people and their future generations.

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