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Helping You Achieve Your Health Goals

Find the right solutions to your home health care needs with services from Fijian Care Givers, the leading source of home health aide. Specializing in home care assistance, we provide a distinctive approach to helping you reach your specific health goals. Our highly-trained caregivers will help you recognize health problems and take action to lessen and eliminate threats to your health.

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Improve Your Health

Achieve your health goals based on your lifestyle and physicality. Each person is different, which is why we have a tailored approach to meet every individual's needs. Using state-of-the-art tools, we can identify your issues easily and effectively. We are also contracted by school districts to provide assistance to students with special needs. Our nonclinical health services include:

Showering | Grooming | Preparing Meals | Dressing | Medication Reminders | Assisting with Toilet Needs | Assisting with Household Needs

Know Your Medical Status

Stay up-to-date with your medical reports. We have an online system where our office and families get connected. We are the only home care provider with this system. In it, we have up-to-date medical reports, including health results and changes in medication. Additionally, you may check your loved ones' reports online. Schools under our contract may check their students' health records in the system. Uploaded reports can be printed out and are always accessible.